My First Carving of 2014! PLUS A New Time Lapse Video!!!

Brandy Davis Witch Pumpkin(red)(R)

“Witch” 3D pumpkin Carving by Brandy Davis

Well, let’s just call this a “warm-up”…. ;-)    I wasn’t expecting to photograph this one, let alone film it for a time lapse video. Truth be told – prior to this it had been about a year since I carved my last pumpkin (thus the much needed warm-up.). But sometimes things just go your way and you wind up with a scary witch to put on your doorstep in September. :-)   (Sorry neighbors)


Brandy Davis Witch Pumpkin(B&W)(R)

Actually, about a quarter of the way through I was getting so frustrated with how it was going that I almost scrapped this pumpkin, as in almost threw it in the trash. But since I am not a quitter, I decided to keep on going, and I’m glad I did – I wound up with this lovely little piece. Whenever I am about to quit on an art piece, I have to constantly remind myself that all the imperfections that I see are not what everyone else sees.  Most of the time that works out for the best. Oh, and speaking of imperfections – if any of you are avid Photoshoppers out there – yes, that apple is Photoshopped to be red – I only had yellow apples laying around the kitchen and yellow just wasn’t the look I was going for.

Brandy Davis Witch Pumpkin(zoom)(R)

Having said that, for some reason I decided to film this (not knowing what the result would be), and now I have a time lapse video to show for it. So I hope you enjoy! And please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel or blog so you don’t miss when I post new pumpkin carvings or other updates!


Thanks for viewing, and feel free to share the heck out of the video! :-) Stay tuned for more!

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It’s That Time Again! My 2014 3D Pumpkin Carving Tools Haul!

Yes, oh YES! It’s that time of year again!  Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!!!


For October alone I have over 30 pumpkins that are booked for carving!….and that is without me even advertising my services locally yet, which I still intend to do. So needless to say, it is going to be an incredibly busy season for me. I am totally excited and getting everything ready that I can. For those of you who are also pumpkin-carving enthusiasts, you are probably doing the same. And for those of you who are new to the world of 3D pumpkin carving, this would be a great time to start purchasing tools if you haven’t done so already.

IMG_5497(r blog)

Even though I have a decent-sized pumpkin carving tool inventory, I definitely want to make sure I have back-ups. You never know when tools are going to finally give out and break….and with 30+ pumpkins in the line-up, I can’t afford to to loose an important carving tool in the middle of the process. Heck, even when I’ve only carved 3-5 pumpkins for the season I’ve had tools randomly break or come apart. So it is always a good idea to have back-ups.

And not only that, but there are some new, and very beneficial tools that I am adding to my inventory.

Now, if you are just a 3D pumpkin carving beginner, click here to see a basic list of my recommended 3D pumpkin carving tools. Some of the tools on this list are a repeat of my last list, but a lot of the tools are new items I have added to my tool box this year to make carving go even  more smoothly, and to make displays even more fun!

So without further ado, here is my 2014 3D pumpkin carving tool haul! (I would like to add that I personally order about 95% of my tools from I find they have the best selection, and the prices are generally a lot cheaper than in store. And if you have Amazon Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping!

(If you don’t have Amazon Prime, they offer a free 30-day trial. Here’s a quick link in case you want to sign up for Amazon Prime’s Free Trial: Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now )


The tools and props below are the EXACT ones that I ordered. I have provided pictures and links to each item.)


1. Kemper Mini-Ribbon Tool Set

These are the tools I use for sculpting very fine details in each pumpkin. They are Kemper brand, and they are about 5 inches long and are excellent tools that will last a very long time if you treat them well. A MUST have if you will be doing fine detail work.


2. Kemper Pottery Tool Set

Although you will not use everything in this kit, you do end up using a majority of it. And this is a GREAT kit for all skill levels. The large loop tool is used for scraping off outer pumpkin skin as well as blocking in large shapes. The double-ended ribbon tool is used for a majority of the sculpting. The needle tool is used for scraping out fine detail. The wooden modeling tool is used for smoothing out lines and fine detail. And the yellow sponge allows  you to take a bit of water and wipe off stray “pumpkin bits” off the pumpkin’s shell and off of the carved area after you’re all done.

Please note that there is a cheaper version of this clay-sculpting kit (NOT Kemper brand, I believe it is Stalwart brand) that I mention in my previous 3D pumpkin carving tool post, but again, I cannot attest to the quality, however it contains all of the same items and did get good reviews. Click here to check it out.


3. Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler

I have mentioned before that a traditional vegetable peeler just doesn’t cut it for me (no pun intended) when it comes to peeling the rind off of a pumpkin, especially a tough rind. This, however, seems to get the job done. Usually 3D pumpkin carvers will take a large pottery/sculpting loop tool and scrape off the outer pumpkin rind before they start to carve. However, I personally don’t like the stress it puts on the loop tool – if you’ve ever done this, then you know how tough pumpkin skin can be! I’ve broken a few loop tools because of it. This heavy-duty julienne peeler really helps ease the process and seems to be the only other thing I have found (besides a Ped Egg) that will peel through tough pumpkin skin.


4. Birds Beak Paring Knife

There are some things I can’t live without when it comes to 3D pumpkin sculpting, and THIS is one of them. If you have any desire whatsoever to create clean, detailed cuts, lines, and the like, then you NEED a birds beak paring knife. I don’t even care if you get this one, just, PLEASE , for the love of carving, get yourself a birds beak knife! I didn’t use this knife for the first 2 years I did 3D pumpkin sculpting, and quite frankly, I’m sad I didn’t use this sooner. It does take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll never look back – It will totally refine your work. I don’t really NEED 2 of them…but I have 2 of them…. ;-)


5. Super Glue!! 

I just found out last year that Super Glue is the only glue that will bond wet pumpkin flesh to wet pumpkin flesh. You never know when an accidental slip of a carving tool will happen and end up chopping off the tip of the nose of your sculpture (Been there, done that!). This is a MUST have for any tool kit of a 3D pumpkin carver!


6. A Brow Brush……..wait, what?…..

Yes, you heard correctly – A brow brush. As in, a brush for your eyebrows. However, that’s not what this little guy is used for when it comes to pumpkin carving. This is an amazing tool to keep for detailed clean-up in harder to reach areas, such as deep folds and wrinkles or between strands of carved hair (and yes, I’m still talking about pumpkins, not people. ;-) )  You’ll find that when carving, a lot of little stray pumpkin bits get lodged in weird, hard to reach areas on the pumpkin, and this little brush is soft enough to wipe out unwanted pumpkin spatter without damaging your work. (P.S. I suppose you could use a pipe-cleaner for this same purpose, but I like the fact it’s durable and that I can just wash this out and reuse it.


7. Pumpkin Appendages  (let me explain….)

You know, there’s something about giving a pumpkin arms and legs that really just make it come to life! I already own a set of these pumpkin vine arms and legs (made by Villafane Studios), but they worked so amazingly last year that I decided I just HAD to have another pair this year! Ohhh, the endless possibilities!!! I would like to add that you can also get the pumpkin vine arms, legs, and stem off of Villafane Studios website.  Either way, supplies are limited, so order soon if you to make sure you get a set. You will DEFINITELY have the coolest pumpkin on the block!

My latest pumpkin for Villafane Studios - "The Pumpkin Artist"  3D pumpkin by Brandy Davis

“The Pumpkin Artist” 3D pumpkin by Brandy Davis

IMG1228(r blog)

“Mike Wazowski” 3D pumpkin carving by Brandy Davis. Yeah! The kids got a kick out of that one last year! :-)



So as of now, that is my list. And I stress the, “as of now” part….I’m sure I’ll think of more tools to order in the coming days! And when I do, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below! I’ll be happy to answer anything I can. :-)

Stay tuned for more recommendations as well as my exciting new pumpkin carving ventures this fall!!!

Happy Carving! :-)


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Freehand Sketch, Eye Study

Even when I am not creating art, it is ALWAYS in the back of my mind. If I’m not creating something, I’m always secretly desiring it or dreaming up my next big art piece. In an ideal world, I would just sit down and paint/sculpt all day while listening to some of my favorite bands play over the radio. (Come to think of it, that was my life before I had kids.) But, lets be honest – life happens. For a lot of us, dinner must be made, kids must be taken care of, the 9-5 job must be completed, health must be tended to, things must be cleaned, errands must be run, and a multitude of seemingly never ending tasks must be done before we can ever get a rare minute to sit down for that blissful (and sometimes blissfully-frustrating) moment of getting lost in creating a piece of artwork.

Having said that, I have since then taken the bull by the horns and started creating time for my artwork. (Artists aren’t only limited to creating artwork, ya know! ;-) ) I am slowly becoming this oddly scheduled and organized person that I’ve always needed to be. There is this great quote by Benjamin Disraeli that goes, “He who gains time, gains everything.” Interestingly put Benji…..interestingly put…..but I getcha….

In the mean time, I like to make sure my art skills don’t get rusty, so I like to do some sketches every now and again. Here is a quick eye-study I did a few months ago. It was all sketched free-hand with (black and white) charcoal and graphite pencil. It took me about 45 minutes or so. And sorry about the poor lighting and quality – the pic was taken with my phone.

Freehand Eye Study by Brandy Davis. Graphite and black/white charcoal.

Freehand Eye Study by Brandy Davis. Graphite and black/white charcoal.

The contrasting light and dark areas are key here, which is why I used both back and white charcoal. Remember, to make things “POP” you have to use the darkest darks, and the lightest lights!  Having said that, this was sketched all in good fun.

It’s funny, if I haven’t done any artwork for a while I get a little scared that I maybe “forgot” how to draw or paint. But come to find, artwork is a lot like riding a bike – even if you haven’t done it in a while, it’ll all come back to you when you’re ready for it.  Proof that art is just waiting to flood out of you – you just have to let it.

Anyhow, expect some cool stuff to come. (I recently set up my art station, and I am ready to bring some amazing ideas to life – so stay tuned!)  In the meantime, Happy sketching! ;-)


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Carving Pumpkins with Villafane Studios

My latest pumpkin for Villafane Studios - "The Pumpkin Artist"  3D pumpkin by Brandy Davis

“The Pumpkin Artist” 3D Pumpkin by Brandy Davis

Woah!  This has been quite the Fall season!  So in addition to everything else this year, Villafane Studios has asked me to be a part of their growing team.  It’s still all very surreal to me….Just 4 years ago I remember sitting at home admiring Ray Villafane’s 3D pumpkin carvings on my computer screen thinking about what an amazing artist he is. I tried to mimic one of his 3D pumpkin carvings by carving my own with some old sculpting tools I had on hand from an old high school project. Although I wasn’t happy with it, I entered it into a local contest and won. A year went by, and I carved another just for fun, and a couple for friends and family. I remember seeing Ray Villafane on the Food Network and just being in such awe at his talent. The next year (2012) I really started to get serious about it and really attempt to go “gung-ho” to see how far I could push myself as a pumpkin-carving newbie. I entered a few of my pumpkins into the online Sullen/Villafane Fan Art Pumpkin Carving Contest, and ended up winning (Click here to read about my contest experience). I also took part of that season to make a few pumpkin carving time lapse videos, all in good fun.

Fast forward to 2013, and here I am, again, sitting at my computer, still in disbelief that just a month ago I actually flew on a plane (for my first time) to Boston to carve a Flo Pumpkin for Progressive Insurance….and in disbelief that I now work with the very artists I look up to (and still look up to) just a few years prior over a computer screen – and not to mention, carving PUMPKINS, of all things!  Ha!  I never could have predicted this in a million years!

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again – Keep doing what you love, and do it with an unselfish passion – great opportunities will come of it. To continue the journey, you must then take those opportunities and fearlessly turn them into something amazing. Keep with this method, and great things will always be in store for the future….Having said that….great things are in store – so stay tuned! It’ll be quite a journey!

Happy Carving!

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BIG NEWS! ~ A Flo Pumpkin Carving for Progressive Insurance! PLUS Video!

Flo pumpkin resized

(I will apologize in advance for this unusually long post….)

So, I’ve been keeping a secret for the past few weeks! And man oh man, this has been a hard one to keep. So a little over a month ago I got an email asking if I’d be willing to come out to Boston, MA to carve a Flo pumpkin for Progressive Insurance! – There is a campaign out right now encouraging people to dress like Flo for Halloween, and they were interested in a “Flo Pumpkin.” About 2 weeks and a dozen emails later, I found myself waking up at 3:50 in the morning getting ready for my first flight EVER! Destinaton: Boston, MA!  (They were even nice enough to fly my husband out with me and put us in a wonderful hotel for a couple of nights! Awesome! Just awesome!)

Once I was finally sitting on the first flight all I could think to myself was, “Holy cow! What did I just get myself into? Is this for real?…..Am I really flying on a plane to Boston to carve a FLO PUMPKIN for PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE????” I mean, really…never in my wildest dreams could I have ever have predicted my life at that moment.  Nonetheless, as soon as we were in the air, there was no turning back! It was time to officially soak in the moment and live it up!


My first flight EVER!

I ended up not being as nervous as I thought I would be while flying. Having said that, I was a NERVOUS WRECK about the thought that my sculpting tools wouldn’t make it to my destination. We had a layover in Denver,CO so I was crossing my fingers that my tools would find their way on to our new plane. I knew that if I didn’t have my tools, then quite simply, I couldn’t produce a sculpted pumpkin.

At 4:30 EST we finally reached our destination!  Long story short, to my complete relief my tools made it! YAY!  And although it took about 20 minutes to finally get a cab, we finally arrived at our hotel at about 6:30pm!


The Colonnade, Boston!


An amazing, and HUMONGOUS fountain next to our hotel.

After grabbing a bite to eat and relaxing in our room, the nerves slightly started to sink in. My imagination started wandering with what to expect for the next day. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night….Remember when you were a kid trying to sleep even though you were going to Disneyland the next day?? Yeah….it was kind of like that! ;-)

Phoebe from their film crew met us at the hotel at 8:45am. We took a stroll on over to their studio (since it was right across the street), and got to work right away. They had an amazing set prepped that was made to look as if I was in my own workshop right at home:


On set, waiting for filming to begin.

And let me preface the picture below by saying that this picture was showing how my face was a lot of the time when I was getting used to the bright, BRIGHT, (and did I mention, BRIGHT?) lights in my face the whole time! Sheesh! I felt like I needed sunglasses! lol. Luckily those lights weren’t hot.


Some time into filming:


One of the several cameras that was filming at ALL times!



One of my favorite shots

Finally, when filming was wrapped, the crew took my pumpkin to be photographed in another room. They invited us to stay and eat dinner, but they had already done so much for us during the day (including buy lunch) that we didn’t want to impose. My husband and I thanked everyone for everything and said our goodbyes. It took weeks for the editing – after all, I assume it was no easy task editing down hours of footage into a 45 second clip! (Speaking of which, the final video is posted below. Please note, although I am in it, I did NOT make this video. This is the official Progressive, Flo 3D Pumpkin video.) Having said that, Enjoy!

I’m so happy with how the clip came out – they did a fantastic job on the editing!

It was such an AMAZING experience that I will never forget! I feel so blessed to be a part of it! And if I may add, many thanks to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me in all of my artistic ventures. I truly appreciate you all!

And a special thanks to everyone at Arnold Worldwide/Progressive for inviting me out to take part in this project! I am so honored!

This experience was just a testament to me that if you just keep doing what you love, simply because you enjoy it, great opportunities will come out of it! And if you are prepared, you can take those great opportunities and turn them into something amazing!

Happy Carving everyone!

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NEW! 3D Pumpkin Carving by Brandy Davis AND New Time Lapse Video!


If this guy doesn’t scare you off of my doorstep, I don’t know what will! Yes, he is spooky indeed, but it is Halloween after all! :-)

I have to admit, this pumpkin is one of my new favorites, and it really was so much fun to carve. This one involved some intricate carving, but mostly it gave me the opportunity to try my hand at some new carving techniques. The horns, ears, and “earrings” are all separate pieces of pumpkin. The horns are attached with steel wire and the ears are attached with toothpicks. (There really isn’t a reason that I used wire to attach some pieces and toothpicks to attach others – again, just experimenting.) The rest is a solid piece of pumpkin.

I almost carved the eyes, but decided to leave them blank. I think it works well for this piece though. Below you’ll see I also made a black and white rendition of the photo above simply because I think it looks cool. :-)

BrandyDavisPumpkin(resizedFacebook B&W)

And finally, the pièce de résistance! A time lapse video!  Hope you enjoy!


If you want to try your hand at sculpting your own 3D pumpkins this year but don’t quite know where to start, please feel free to take a look at this post here for my recommendations on tools. Or, click the pumpkin logo on the side of my blog for all the resources you’ll need! Happy Carving!!!

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NEW 3D Pumpkin Carving! “BANE”!! Plus A New Time Lapse Video!

Ok, NOW it’s that time of year! Pumpkins, pumpkins, and definitely more pumpkins!


This is only my first batch!

Well, being that it is officially pumpkin season, and because I have gotten my hands on some pumpkins that are excellent carving pumpkins, I have gotten to try out some new, and difficult carving techniques.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to try to sculpt “Bane” from the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. And also, thanks to my cousin Amanda who is constantly posting Batman/Bane related images on her Facebook feed, it served as a huge inspiration for this project. (Thanks Amanda! ;-) )

Now, I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to incredibly complicated designs, sometimes not even being sure I will be able to execute them properly….but as they say, “No challenge, no reward.”  (Ok, I’m not sure who actually says that. I just made it up).  Anyhow, I’ll quit rambling and just show you the pumpkin:


“Bane” 3D Pumpkin Carving by Brandy Davis

And if you are not familiar with the the character Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, here is a side by side photo:



A little detail


The mask involved an insane amount of detailed work and took about 8 full hours to complete (I am still learning how to create very fine details with a paring knife among other things.) You’ll have to excuse the eyes and the lack of depth in the overall face – you just never know how deep a pumpkin’s wall is going to be until you cut into it. Having said that, the eyes were already thin as it was, so I decided to leave them the way they were, sans pupils. Anyhow, this pumpkin didn’t come out too shabby – It’s all just for fun anyway!

And speaking of fun, here is a time lapse video I created that shows the entire sculpting process of this pumpkin! Hope you enjoy!  And feel free to share it with anyone and everyone! :-)


If you want to try your hand at sculpting your own 3D pumpkins this year but don’t quite know where to start, please feel free to take a look at this post here for my recommendations on tools. Or, click the pumpkin logo on the side of my blog for all the resources you’ll need! Happy Carving!!!

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It’s That Time of Year Again!!!! Pumpkins!! Well….almost….

Oh man, oh man!!!! I have been waiting and waiting for this time of year!!! I feel like a little kid again…but not exactly for the candy…

Like a crazy person, back in August I started looking for pumpkins to practice my sculpting technique with. Now, if you are familiar with Idaho’s climate as well as their pumpkin season, then you are probably laughing at me right now: “Really? Pumpkins? In August??? Ha!”   Well, my friends, in desperation I did the unthinkable and posted an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone had pumpkins in the middle of August. After a few replies from locals kindly stating I had cool-looking pumpkins but that I was crazy to think I was going to find any in the middle of August….guess what???? I FOUND SOME!!! Albeit, they were very unripe pumpkins, but hey, as they say “Beggars can’t be choosers!” So I was more than happy to take what I could get.

Anyhow, here is a peak at my first “practice” pumpkin of the season. I am currently working on speed and refining my carving technique – This pumpkin took me about 4 hours to sculpt with some pretty major setbacks. I’d already started this pumpkin knowing that it wasn’t going to have a very thick rind – But it was all I had at the moment. It turned out to have only a little over 1 inch of “pumpkin meat” to work with which is ridiculously terrible (normally I would have just abandoned the pumpkin as soon as I made the discovery) – the eyes were literally hanging on by threads. And again, in case you are wondering, the pale flesh and green eyebrows were due to the pumpkin being unripe.



Now, at the time I received these pumpkins, I tried my hand at another, rather ambitious one. (Which was pretty dumb of me since I knew the pumpkin wall wasn’t going to be thick enough. And in case you are wondering how I could tell before I started carving, it’s simple. The pumpkin was entirely too light-weight for it’s size. If you are looking to do your own pumpkin sculpting this season, it is very important that you find pumpkins that are VERY heavy for their size. Generally, a heavy pumpkin means a lot of inner “substance.”)

Again, it’s just a practice piece. I decided to try my hand at some detailed sculpting here. It took me about a solid 6 hours to sculpt this pumpkin. Wish I had some better pictures for ya – I will apologize in advanced for the crummy lighting – as you can see in the pictures, I tried various lighting setups to get all of the details, but for some reason I just could not get it right. Anyhow, this will do for now. I turned the pumpkin on it’s side to do this sculpture, so the stem is actually in the back of the pumpkin. In the bottom center, there is a picture of the inside of the mouth – In case anyone is wondering, I took a separate piece of pumpkin and sculpted the tongue and molars and attached it inside to create some depth. I will redo this pumpkin the future once I get a better pumpkin to work with and refine my skills a bit more. For the record, I really do not like this pumpkin….Let me say that again in case you missed it – For the record, I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS PUMPKIN. In my eyes, it is nowhere near my best work, nor is it what I intended the finished product to look like. Am I hard on myself? Sure. But that is how I force myself to become a better artist. I am sharing it anyway because I believe that as artists, every piece we do is just a stepping stone to becoming a better artist. Having said that, here is my pumpkin experiment gone awry:


Anyhow, that’s it for now, but only because I am already in the process of writing my next blog post with yet, another pumpkin to share with you all! So stay tuned!

If you want to try your hand at sculpting your own 3D pumpkins this year but don’t quite know where to start, please feel free to take a look at this post here for my recommendations on tools. Or, click the pumpkin logo on the side of my blog for all the resources you’ll need! Happy Carving!!!

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Update: Western Idaho Fair Fine Arts Exhibit


Just a quick update for you all – Well, as it turned out, my two feather painting entries did quite well in the Fine Arts competition at the Western Idaho Fair this year. One painting (Fancy Dancer) won 1st place in the Mixed Media category, and another one of my paintings (Honor) won 1st place in the Portraits category, a People’s Choice Award, and a special award – “Best Acrylic” out of all.


On top of that, I was really touched by all the local support and encouragement from everyone at the Western Idaho Fair. I also got to meet some fantastic artists during the day I picked up my artwork. So I still stand by my last statement in my previous post – even if I didn’t win a ribbon or plaque, it’s people like the ones I described above that make me already feel like a winner. It was such a wonderful experience – I really couldn’t ask for much more.

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My New Feather Painting – “Fancy Dancer”

If you have noticed my absence recently, I can assure you that it is for a good (artistic) cause. I have been painting for what seems like the past 4 weeks straight. I have worked on commission pieces, as well as completed a new feather painting of mine. My new painting is one of my larger paintings wherein I mount numerous feathers together to create a “canvas” of sorts where then I can paint a larger scene or the full body of a person (As opposed to only their bust).  The painting was done with Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint, and is painting on a fan of turkey tail feathers. The actual painted area is about 6″ tall, while the piece as a whole is about 16″ tall. To put it into perspective, her head is about the size of a quarter. I’ve invested approximately 27 hours into this piece, and that is still not counting the matting, mounting, framing, and adornments.


“Fancy Dancer” hand-painted feathers by Brandy Davis. Acrylic on turkey tails.


This painting is also different for me since I normally do not work in color. I tend to prefer painting in black and white because of the overall effect it gives a finished painting – those paintings tend to portray emotions better while exuding a slightly vintage feel, with a modern twist.  Anyhow, having said that, I sometimes forget what an impact vibrant colors can make on a painting.



I have already received great feedback on this painting which makes me smile from ear to ear. More-so because it makes me feel like all of the frustration I went through with this painting was worth it – Let me just say that I was ready to throw this painting away about 3/4 of the way through: feathers splitting left and right, things not coming out just the way I imagined it, and don’t even get me started on the headache that mounting, matting, and framing was for this painting! And to top it off, the reference photo I was using in for this painting was taken in TERRIBLE lighting, which forced me to use the good’ ol’ imagination (and a bit of logic) to get lighting and colors right, which made the technical aspect exponentially more difficult. Even then, I am still not 100% happy with this painting; If I had more time I would change a lot of things about it. But I had to call it a day on this painting to make a deadline for entry into the Idaho State Fair Fine Art Contest/Exhibit.


Although the judging is in two days, the great/encouraging responses I have already received from people have already made me feel like I have won. Sometimes I forget that my paintings aren’t about “me” and what I think about them – I have to remind myself that if I can make even one person smile or feel inspired by looking at one of my paintings, then my painting is a success – ribbon or no ribbon.


Happy Painting everyone!

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