It’s a Poll! I Want to Hear From You!

I’ve had quite a few inquires about our book and rewards ever since we have launched our Kickstarter project, The Peculiar Book of Pumpkin Poetry. So I decided to create a poll so I can hear from YOU! I am debating on adding in a new reward. Currently we do not have an option for people who only want to purchase the 3D pumpkin carving tutorial and not the book. And please remember that all donations through our Kickstarter page will be used towards funding the printing of The Peculiar Book of Pumpkin Poetry. Thanks for any feedback you can give me!  It is greatly appreciated! <3

Go ahead! Cast your vote! 🙂



If enough people are interested in the option or a tutorial only, then I just may add it in! I want to make sure I’m giving you guys what you want! And in case anyone is wondering, the tutorials will be received before October 31st of this year – giving you plenty of time to carve to have a pumpkin ready for Halloween!


If you have another suggestion for a reward you would like to see added to our Kickstarter page, please leave it in the comment section! Thank you for your input!!!

<3 Brandy

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