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The Feather Artist is proud to present our June/July 2013 featured artist, Doris Cohen!

"La Primavera" Oil Painting by Doris Cohen

“La Primavera” Oil Painting by Doris Cohen


I have been wanting to feature Doris for a while now. Doris is an oil painter who currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. When I first saw her paintings a few months ago I just knew I was going to feature her. She paints everything from landscapes, to nature, to abstracts, and so much more. One thing I immediately noticed with Doris’ painting style is that her use of color is simply outstanding. Her paintings are ones that you could hang up in your home and not help but smile when you see them; Each painting as well as each brush stroke is so full of life and color, you can’t help but feel it’s positive energy.

"Maple Leaves" Oil painting by Doris Cohen

“Maple Leaves” Oil painting by Doris Cohen


"The Couple in Heaven" Oil painting by Doris Cohen

“The Couple in Heaven” Oil painting by Doris Cohen


Here are a few excerpts from her online biography:

Doris Cohen was born in Tangier in 1953. A gifted artist, Doris began painting in her teens while exploring the vistas of the Mediterranean and French countryside. Having obtained her art degree, Doris went on several voyages which took her to the landscapes of Africa, Asia and Europe. Her travel experiences broadened her outlook and also helped in the evolution of her painting styles over the years.

Her paintings on social issues and on life in the deserts have won her critical acclaim. Her paintings have been exhibited in reputed art galleries in France, America, Europe, Italy, and Canada. She has been selected for prestigious art commissions in Europe and in North America. Doris paintings include landscapes, nature, and impressionism, expressionism, abstract, surreal and minimalist amongst others. Her favorite medium in painting remains oil on canvas. A gifted artist Doris is also an acclaimed stained glass and glass artist and also works on other media, though paintings remain her first love.

(To read Doris Cohen’s full biography, click here)



"Le Bouquet" Oil Painting by Doris Cohen

“Le Bouquet” Oil Painting by Doris Cohen


Another thing I really admire about Doris’ work is that she seems to be one of the very few painters who really is mindful about capturing a special, and deep meaning within each piece. For example, in her oil painting entitled, “The River” she shares the meaning behind it as follows:

The idea behind the painting was to convey that the river doesn’t merely flow but also interacts with its surroundings in a language not known to us. As it passes a flaming orange tree it acquires the tree’s colors, greeting it, as people would by taking off their hats. And then passes on, moving on to the next element. Every time the water is new, but the river is old, it knows its neighbors well.

-Doris Cohen

"The River" Oil Painting by Doris Cohen

“The River” Oil Painting by Doris Cohen


Her work is absolutely stunning and inspiring; I really can’t say enough about it! If you feel the same way and would like to see more work by Doris Cohen, or if you have any questions for her, please visit her official website: http://www.artpaintingstudio.com/.





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Previously Featured Artists:




Carol Jones:

Feather Painting by Carol Jones

Carol is a fellow feather painter from Ontario, Canada and truly has some amazing work! She has been painting on feathers for 6 years and focuses primarily on painting wildlife in acrylics on wild Turkey tail feathers. Her attention to detail use of vibrant colors really work together to bring her painted scenes to life.

I love how she adorns her paintings with additional feathers and various trinkets. They really add to the overall feeling of the piece.

Here is an excerpt from Carols biography describing how she got started with feather painting:

I emigrated to Canada in 1968 and my art was put aside for quite a few years, but not forgotten. I finally found my way back to painting again after taking a few folk art classes. That started the ball rolling and I wanted to do more. I then discovered using feathers as my canvas. After a period of trial and error I found a way to produce a painting without making a total mess of it! This I have found to be a very rewarding art form and though I still paint in the traditional way, I’m always glad to get back to my feathers.


Feather Painting by Carol Jones


Well Carol, I am a huge fan (and I am sure I am not the only one!)! 🙂

I hope you all are feeling as inspired as I am after seeing her beautiful work!

If you would like to see more of Carol’s work or have any questions for her, please visit her website at: http://www.carolsfeatherart.com


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