3D Pumpkin Carvings by Brandy Davis:

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  1. paul says:

    These pumpkins are great, I think your skills are up there with the likes of ray villafane and scott Cummings keep up the good work :) I look forward to seeing more of your carvings :)

  2. Thanks Paul! That means a lot to me! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to pumpkin sculpting, but I know there are some awesome things in store in the near future! I’ll be posting some more pumpkin carvings soon! :-)

  3. de says:

    I want to try something like this in a few days. How do I keep it fresh till Halloween? thanks

  4. Well, if you will be carving it in a few days, please keep in mind that it will only look “display worthy” for 2 days max, and then it will slowly start to dry out and wither. After about 4-6 days, they really need to be thrown away. There are a few things you can do to slow the process, like put it in the refrigerator. And I have heard lemon juice on the carved area works to preserve it a bit, but as soon as you expose the carved area to air, the drying/rotting process occurs much faster. If you really want them for Halloween, carve one a day or two before. For now I would just keep practicing and having fun with it. Display them wherever, whenever! Just always remember to take some great pictures for memories! :-)

  5. de says:

    Thanks. You’re very inspiring!

  6. Chris Gupit says:

    Awesome stuff! Is there anything you do before carving? Like dip the pumpkin in water? I’m trying to time my pumpkin just right for Halloween lol. Thanks!

  7. Sunny says:

    You are awesome. So happy that I was able to have one of the first of your pumpkins a couple of years ago. It lasted much longer than I thought and was the highlight of my front porch on Halloween. Hi to all your family. Watched you on the news last night.

  8. Helen says:

    Amazing work! Can’t wait if you could do Pit Bull Sharky one day :)

  9. Marianne Berardelli Head says:

    Love your pumpkins and feathers. Would love to try my hand at both.

  10. S-Kay says:

    I could so see head masks done of your pumpkin heads, cause I would so love to wear one for Halloween your faces are crazy girl!!!

  11. Thank you! :-) I may end up casting some molds of these pumpkins soon! ;-)

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