My NEW 3D Pumpkin Carving – “The Joker” (PLUS Time Lapse video!)

Soooooooo, I’m just going to come out and say it – this is my most favorite pumpkin I have ever done!!!  As many of you know, I’ve already carved Batman and The Penguin, so I knew I just had to carve the Joker! Now, the Joker has been done quite a few times before by other 3D pumpkin carvers (and very well, I might add), but it has never been painted before (At least, not to my knowledge). So here is my carving, but with my own twist. (I mean, c’mon! It’s the JOKER! In my opinion, he’s GOT to have his signature painted face. 😉 )

Joker Side by Side

Speaking of that, this was my first time airbrushing anything in over 10 years – I mean, the box I kept my airbrush in was literally covered in dust. haha. I almost sold it a few years back because I never used it. Glad I kept it around though. And I have NEVER done anything like this. All I ever did was paint a few simple murals for a local business, never faces or sculpture painting or anything – so it was all new territory for me. VERY fun though! I might have to take up airbrushing sculptures as a new side-hobby!  😉

I’ve also gotten into the habit of recording every pumpkin I carve lately – I think I’m getting addicted to making time-lapse videos for these things. I absolutely love it.  I think getting to choose the music is my favorite part! 😉    Here is my Joker 3D Pumpkin time lapse video below.  Feel free to share with your family and friends! (Or strangers…3D pumpkin carving knows no bounds. 😉

Not sure I’m going to top this pumpkin this year, but we’ll see! 😉 Happy Halloween!!!

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