Throwback Thursday! – An Ode to the Artistic Past!

So as you may have already heard, last week I decided to start doing “Throwback Thursdays – An Ode to the Artistic Past!” to help us remember (artistically speaking) where we were, where we are, and what we can can become.  And I also created it because it is pretty fun (and funny) to see these drawings done by us as kids! (If you want to read a little more in depth about what really inspired Throwback Thursdays, or if you just want to see a funny drawing done by me as a kid, then click here!)


This week, reader Terri (who also happens to be my Aunt!!!  🙂  ) sent in this picture drawn by her daughter (my cousin), Emily. Although Emily is in high school now, she was just 7 years old at the time she drew this picture. The story below was originally told by Emily’s dad to Emily’s sister Jen in an email back in 2006:



I was watching t.v. yesterday afternoon with Emily when she decided to draw.  I had gotten up to get a drink of water so I walked over to see what she was drawing.  On the table in front of her was my little Flamingo toothpick holder.  It looked like she was almost finished…I said I’m very impressed.  She said she wasn’t done but she’d show me as soon as she was.  The attached is her picture and poem to me.  I have no idea what possessed her to make this drawing.  The toothpick holder is older than she is and has sat on a shelf for two years…she’s never paid any attention to it before.  I thought you would get a kick out of it.

– Dad


Emily – Age 7


A flamingo that will never frown? – Now that’s my kind of flamingo! 😉

I am actually lovin’ these posts! – I am thinking there is a lesson to be learned here. After all, one of my philosophies is that there is always a lesson to be learned through the eyes of a child.

Let Emily’s drawing be a reminder to us all that inspiration can come from even the most unlikely places – Whether it be the Sisteen Chapel, the sunset in the middle of Summer, or a toothpick holder with a flamingo on it – really take the time to look around and be open to the possibilities! Art’s only limit is your imagination.

Thanks for the submission Terri and Emily!

And once again, happy drawing to all!….even if it is done with Crayola!



If you would like to participate in Throwback Thursday, just send me an email via the “Contact Me” tab above and click on the “General Questions or Comments” and make sure to include the title “Throwback Thursday” in your request. Then I’ll get back to you asap with an email that you can send your picture into. NOTE: You DO NOT need to be “an artist”of any kind to participate. 😉  To participate, all you’ll need is a photo of your art project/painting/sculpture/drawing (etc) and a small blurb describing your photo including your age/grade when you created your work of art. If you would like, you can also include any current artwork (if any) or a current website. And if you want to be even more daring – you can even include your current age! ::gasp::!  It’s all in good fun!


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