Throwback Thursday! – An Ode to the Artistic Past! (And How YOU Can Be A Part of it!)

So we were cleaning out the garage a couple of weeks ago and while doing so I found a huge box of my old school assignments and a ton of old drawings I did as a kid. Long story short, a lot of the drawings gave me a good laugh and now I want to share the love. Also, for some reason a lot of people want to know how I drew as a kid – And I think it is safe to say that I definitely didn’t create any masterpieces. 😉 (Although my parents probably thought otherwise. Thanks mom and dad!)

But having said that, I think it is important to remember that each one of these drawings was a stepping stone that helped my skills become what they are today. And likewise, the paintings I am doing today are the stepping stones to help my skills become what they will be tomorrow.

Therefore, I have created “Throwback Thursdays” to help us remember where we were, where we are, and what we can can become.  (And I also created it because it is pretty fun to see these drawings done by us as kids!) So without further ado, I am officially kicking off the very first Throwback Thursday with a little drawing I did in 2nd grade…so I guess that made me about 7 years old. If I remember correctly, it was inspired by a cartoon a saw:


Man, look at that leg extension! 🙂


And apparently I wrote a very short story to go along with this picture, entitled “The Tiny Elephant.” Note, I am typing it as I wrote it – spelling errors and all:

The Tiny Elephant

Once ther was a tiny elephant his name was Willy. Willy was so small he could go through a mouse hole. And when he took a bath he would take one in a bird bath. One day when a man was buying some glasses and when he came out of the store he saw the tiny elephant and he went back inside and hit the man on the head because he thought ther was something wrong with the glasses.

The end.


So for now I will be sharing my own drawings every Thursday, but if you would like to participate in Throwback Thursday, just send me an email via the “Contact Me” tab above and make sure to include the title “Throwback Thursday” in your request. NOTE: You DO NOT need to be “an artist”of any kind to participate. 😉  To participate, all you’ll need is a photo of your art project/painting/sculpture/drawing (etc) and a small blurb describing your photo including your age/grade when you created your work of art. If you would like, you can also include any current artwork (if any) or a current website. And if you want to be even more daring – you can even include your current age! ::gasp::!  It’s all in good fun!



And happy drawing!….even if it is done with Crayola!

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