Happy Father’s Day!!! (And A Gift 20 Years in the Making!)

It’s funny – I read this Father’s Day card yesterday that said on the front, “Do you know why Father’s Day is in June?….”  and on the inside it said “…because a month after Mother’s Day a man finally said, ‘Hey…wait a minute….'”   I don’t doubt for one second that is the actual way Father’s Day was founded.   😉

So to all you dads out there – Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about you! We know you are all important too!  Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! And a very special Happy Father’s Day to my own dad!!

Having said that, being an art blog and all, and being that I live a couple states away from my folks, I was trying to think of a creative way to show my dad how awesome I think he is. And it must have been destiny; As I was searching through a box of old drawings I did as a kid for my new “Throwback Thursday” posts, I came across this drawing I did of my dad back in 1993:

"Super Dad 1993" by Brandy (me)

“Super Dad 1993” by Brandy (me). Man dad – you sure were buff back then! Just look at those guns! lol


So dad, my gift to you, exactly 20 years later – I decided to do my own modern rendition of the drawing above. (And for the record, I almost gave you the exact same muscles in that exact same pose, BUT, I figured I would take it easy on you since it is Father’s Day, and go for a more modest approach…..But don’t forget – they made erasers for a reason – I can still change my mind! 😉  )  Anyhow, to stay true to the original, I used pencil (ok, and a bit of charcoal), and I tried to do the quickest sketch I could (since the picture above was probably drawn in 15 minutes) which turned into 45 minutes; I could have spent a few hours more on it  (Yes dad, OF COURSE it’s NOT done! lol. Inside joke), but I think the sketch below works very well.



“Super Dad 2013” by Brandy.

Well, I think my drawing skills have improved just a tad, don’t you? 😉 And although this sketch looks like a nice sized portrait, I stayed true to my current form and stuck with what I know best – miniature artwork. Having said that, the portrait above is only about 3 inches tall (minus the logo). And sorry – cheesy or not, I HAD to include the Super Dad logo! Yes, 20 years later and you are still my Super Dad!

P.S. Don’t forget you are also Super Grandpa too! Your grandbabies sent you something special in the mail. It should be there in a few days.  Happy Father’s Day! And Grandfather’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all! And to all you late shoppers out there – if you still haven’t gotten your dad a gift, there’s still some time to grab a pencil and paper and get to work! 😉  Even if your drawing looks more like the first photo, I am sure he’ll love it. (The extra large muscles are key!)   😉

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