Throwback Thursday – An Ode to the Artistic Past

Betcha thought I forgot it was Thursday, huh?  😉    Well, as promised here another blast from the past! And this is actually a blast from the past in more ways than one! (By the way, if you are just tuning in to my blog and you want to read a little more in depth about what really inspired Throwback Thursdays, or if you just want to see another funny drawing done by me as a kid, then click here!)

Now I don’t know about you, but some of my favorite memories as a kid were of sitting home on Friday nights with the fam and watching the T.G.I.F. lineup on TV.

Sing it with me now:


It’s Friday night!

And the mood is right!

Gonna have some fun,

Show you how it’s done,



And one of my all-time favorite shows in the T.G.I.F. lineup was Family Matters. Still is! 🙂  ::sigh::  Ohhhh, how I miss my childhood….and I miss Carl, and Harriet, and Laura, and Eddie, and Aunt Rachel, and Richie, and Mother Winslow, and Judy (even though she completely vanished halfway through the seasons…did anyone else notice that, or was it just me?….), and Waldo Heraldo Faldo, and Myra Munkhouse, and lets not forget about little 3J! ….I miss them all…..And Steven Q. Urkel….how can you not adore Steve Urkel???    🙂  And in case you need a reminder as to how awesome Family Matter was/is, here ya go:



That’s good stuff right there! So by now you may be wondering what in the world all this has to do with an art blog and Throwback Thursay.  Well……this:




“Steve Urkel” by Brandy. (when I was 10 years old.)

Yes, I drew this little gem when I was about 10 years old.  My mom actually purchased a Steve Urkel doll from a thrift store at the time and one night I just decided to whip out some markers and apparently do a figure study. 😉  I am glad I kept this drawing – it brought back a lot of good memories!

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past and I also hope this post brought back some happy childhood memories for you too!  Happy Thursday everyone!



If you would like to participate in Throwback Thursday, just send me an email via the “Contact Me” tab above and click on the “General Questions or Comments” and make sure to include the title “Throwback Thursday” in your request. Then I’ll get back to you asap with an email that you can send your picture into. NOTE: You DO NOT need to be “an artist”of any kind to participate. ;-)   To participate, all you’ll need is a photo of your art project/painting/sculpture/drawing (etc) and a small blurb describing your photo including your age/grade when you created your work of art. If you would like, you can also include any current artwork (if any) or a current website. And if you want to be even more daring – you can even include your current age! ::gasp::!  It’s all in good fun!



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