NEW! 3D Pumpkin Carving by Brandy Davis AND New Time Lapse Video!


If this guy doesn’t scare you off of my doorstep, I don’t know what will! Yes, he is spooky indeed, but it is Halloween after all! 🙂

I have to admit, this pumpkin is one of my new favorites, and it really was so much fun to carve. This one involved some intricate carving, but mostly it gave me the opportunity to try my hand at some new carving techniques. The horns, ears, and “earrings” are all separate pieces of pumpkin. The horns are attached with steel wire and the ears are attached with toothpicks. (There really isn’t a reason that I used wire to attach some pieces and toothpicks to attach others – again, just experimenting.) The rest is a solid piece of pumpkin.

I almost carved the eyes, but decided to leave them blank. I think it works well for this piece though. Below you’ll see I also made a black and white rendition of the photo above simply because I think it looks cool. 🙂

BrandyDavisPumpkin(resizedFacebook B&W)

And finally, the pièce de résistance! A time lapse video!  Hope you enjoy!


If you want to try your hand at sculpting your own 3D pumpkins this year but don’t quite know where to start, please feel free to take a look at this post here for my recommendations on tools. Or, click the pumpkin logo on the side of my blog for all the resources you’ll need! Happy Carving!!!

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