Well, I am finally finished with the pumpkin carving at Zoo Boise, and without further ado, here are some pictures of my pumpkin carvings from the event. I ended up with a grand total of 14 pumpkins (16 if you include the 2 additional pumpkins I used to make the peacock).

I tried to keep everything very kid-friendly since I knew there were going to be lots of kids at this event. So I decided to forgo the scary faces and replace them with very fun, or funny-looking, faces. As you can see, even the witch and Frankenstein even have some “cuteness” to them.


Chillin N Grillin by Brandy Davis

One of my goals with this set-up was to get pumpkins interacting with various props, and to really give them their own unique personalities. Like the little guy above who insisted on getting one last BBQ in before winter comes.

Or like this guy below who really enjoys making (and eating) pastries on his spare time:


IMG_1421(r) IMG_1435(r) IMG_1445(r)

I also wanted to add an element of humor to some of the set-ups. If you didn’t walk away from my display smiling, then I didn’t do my job. But having said that, I think I accomplished my goal. 😉


(The face of the “grumpy” pumpkin above was based off of one of Ray Villafane’s amazing pumpkins – I just added a slight twist on the idea by giving him a reason to be grumpy…”)


IMG_1450(r)I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to work on some of these pieces. I REALLY would have loved to have refined and added tons of detail in this piece, but because I had so many other pumpkins to do, some quality had to be sacrificed for time. Having said that, they are still pretty cool to look at…..from a distance. 😉



This guy is just a little depressed that October is almost over, and winter is coming…..



IMG_1766(r) IMG_1761(r)


All-in-all this was a very successful event. I loved getting to hear the reactions of people behind me as they saw some of my pieces for the first time.

And some may think that after all of these pumpkins that I am done carving for the season…..well, they are wrong…There is still MORE to come, so look out!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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