Tip #1: Paint with a Purpose

Hi everyone. Well, as you may or may not know by now, I am Brandy Davis. I started this blog primarily because I was getting multiple inquires from people I encountered at my art shows as to whether or not I teach art classes. I am honored that they think highly enough of my art to ask me such a thing. Ideally – that would be my dream – to own my own gallery and have a whole separate room just for teaching art classes to every aspiring artist, young and old alike. Since that is not my reality at the moment, I figured this blog was the next best thing since I encounter so many different varieties of people from all different places.


Some years back I taught art classes to children for a couple of years and that was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. Probably because I remember what it was like to be the shy, quiet kid in class who found out that her artistic ability would be her life-long ice-breaker. In many ways, on the inside I am still that shy and quiet kid who happens to be good at art. But I am fine with that. I prefer it that way. I have always had little to say, but much to analyze, ponder, dream, and create. As soon as I am given that artistic freedom to let the farthest reaches of my imagination pour out onto the canvas of my choosing, there is simply no stopping me. But that is how art should be – it should inspire you…motivate you….drive you….and give you a purpose. And to balance that, you should give your art a purpose.


So today I challenge you – whether you are an artist just starting out, or if you are already seasoned in your craft – I challenge you to find your purpose for becoming, or wanting to become an artist. Whether it is for monetary gain, or to make someone proud, to get that job you’ve always wanted, or simply because you enjoy it – decide on a driving force behind your art – something lifelong. Feel free to post your answer in the comment section – you never know – you maybe helping someone who is struggling to find their purpose.


So I guess it wouldn’t be fair of me to end this post without answering my own question. My answer is, and will always be – To push myself to my very artistic limits (if there are any) and to inspire others in the process. I have said it before and I’ll say it again that will keep me painting for the rest of my life.



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