The Feather Artist ETSY Store is Back in Business!!! PLUS Get $5 Off Your First Purchase at My Shop!!


For those of you who have been following me on a regular basis, you have probably noticed that my Etsy Shop has been closed for quite some time now. I have decided to re-open it with limited inventory, although I will be adding to it frequently in the coming weeks. For those that don’t know, Etsy is an online shop, similar to Ebay, but without the bidding. It allows artists and crafters (like me) to be able to have their own online store (for a very small fee) and sell their hand-made or vintage items. (All of mine are hand-made though).

Truth be told, I hate to see my babies go, but that’s the way life goes for an artist.

At this time I am not taking custom orders due to a crazy busy Fall pumpkin carving season season, but as soon as November hits, that may change – As always, feel free to send me an inquiry if you have any questions.

If you haven’t already seen my Etsy Shop, please feel free to check it out here and browse around. I have hand-painted feather earrings as well as my full, hand-painted Native American portraits on feathers.  I’m also coming out with a new product (Coming soon, November 2014!), so keep an eye out for that! And remember, Christmas is just around the corner…..  😉

As an added bonus, if you have never purchased from Etsy before, you can click here to score $5 off your first purchase on Etsy, including all items in my shop! 

Here are a few of the items I currently have listed in my Etsy Shop:

"Courage" hand-painted feather by Brandy Davis

“Courage” hand-painted feather by Brandy Davis

"Honor" hand-painted feather by Brandy Davis

“Honor” hand-painted feather by Brandy Davis



Thanks for checking it out!

(And stay tuned for some awesome pictures coming this weekend of my pumpkin carving gig at Zoo Boise! I have some awesome things planned! If I get some time, I’ll show you all some of the props I have been working on to create some cool pumpkin scenes!)

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