My First Carving of 2014! PLUS A New Time Lapse Video!!!

Brandy Davis Witch Pumpkin(red)(R)

“Witch” 3D pumpkin Carving by Brandy Davis

Well, let’s just call this a “warm-up”…. 😉   I wasn’t expecting to photograph this one, let alone film it for a time lapse video. Truth be told – prior to this it had been about a year since I carved my last pumpkin (thus the much needed warm-up.). But sometimes things just go your way and you wind up with a scary witch to put on your doorstep in September. 🙂  (Sorry neighbors)


Brandy Davis Witch Pumpkin(B&W)(R)

Actually, about a quarter of the way through I was getting so frustrated with how it was going that I almost scrapped this pumpkin, as in almost threw it in the trash. But since I am not a quitter, I decided to keep on going, and I’m glad I did – I wound up with this lovely little piece. Whenever I am about to quit on an art piece, I have to constantly remind myself that all the imperfections that I see are not what everyone else sees.  Most of the time that works out for the best. Oh, and speaking of imperfections – if any of you are avid Photoshoppers out there – yes, that apple is Photoshopped to be red – I only had yellow apples laying around the kitchen and yellow just wasn’t the look I was going for.

Brandy Davis Witch Pumpkin(zoom)(R)

Having said that, for some reason I decided to film this (not knowing what the result would be), and now I have a time lapse video to show for it. So I hope you enjoy! And please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel or blog so you don’t miss when I post new pumpkin carvings or other updates!


Thanks for viewing, and feel free to share the heck out of the video! 🙂 Stay tuned for more!

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