How I Store My 3D Pumpkin Carving Tools

Hey everyone! I promised another post showing how I store all of my 3D pumpkin carving tools, so here it is!  For the longest long time I was just throwing my sculpting tools in a small, old beat-up cardboard box and storing it in a cabinet – yeah, not a great idea for multiple reasons. Even the first year I was “attempting” to sculpt pumpkins, I would still store them in a cardboard box labeled, “Brandy’s Sculpting Tools” with permanent marker. I could never find anything when I needed it, and needless to say, it was never smart of me to dig around in a box with all kinds of blunt, and sharp objects scattered around.

I’ve noticed though that the more serious I have become about my work, the more I feel the need to stay organized; And that is saying a lot since I have never been one to be very organized.  But things change (for the better). I have been using Sullen Art Collective Blaq Paq cases for 2 years now, and I really love them.  They are advertised as cases for tattoo artists and their tattoo accessories, but as you can see below, they are perfect for storing all of my carving tools. 🙂


Here are “a few” of my actual cases below:


Tattoo travel?….Not anymore…… 😉



Each case retails for about 11.99 and comes either slotted or padded. Now the cases above are slotted, meaning they have fully customizable slots to fit whatever you need. If you’ll notice, in the lower left slot of each case is where I keep my extra slots in case I feel like changing anything up, which I do frequently. I also LOVE that they are SO easy to clean. I am always getting pumpkin bits all flung and mashed around in there, and it can easily be wiped down or even run under a faucet and set out to dry. I’ve even had dried pumpkin “goo” caked on after a few days, and the plastic this is made out of must be non-stick or something – because everything just wipes clean.

You are probably wondering why the backpack is in the picture with the cases. Well, Sullen’s Blaq Paq line also features a “Blaq Paq” that conveniently fits the Blaq Paq cases into zippered compartments for easy transport. I LOVE this! Everything stays put when you need it to.

Here is my actual Blaq Paq:



Now these are a bit more pricey, but they are well worth it, especially if you have to transport your tools often. And not to mention, this backpack has so many compartments (including padded compartments) for storing things such as laptops,  business cards, tablets, phones, miscellaneous tools, and much more. I highly recommend these cases if you are looking for a place to store your sculpting tools. Whether you sculpt pumpkins, clay, wax, – whatever! – this is a great way to get more organized.

If you are in the market for something like this, check out and check out their Blaq Paq merchandise. There are different combos of cases and/or backpacks you can get, or you can purchase individually.  Check em’ out and let me know what you think!

How do you store your carving/sculpting tools? Let me know in the comment section below!

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