Feather Painting: Birds of a Feather…..


…..get painted together….


Well, here is yet another new painting of mine, but this time of birds. Yes, I do on occasion paint birds, and I may be painting a lot more in the near future being that I quite enjoy the process and the vibrant color options.


“Birds of a Feather” Acrylic on goose feather by Brandy Davis. Actual painted area measures approximately 2″ tall.

Here it is mounted onto mat board.


Painting birds does not take me nearly as long as portraits, but it is still challenging because there is still loads of detail in such a tiny space. Again, those birds are only about 2″ tall, and every feather and tuft is accounted for with a single stroke of the paintbrush.


Even the teeny tiny white highlight in the eye was accounted for(in both birds)….It’s the size of the tip of a pin.


Within the next couple of days I will be posting a video that shows the painting process for this piece from beginning to end (along with my most recent portrait). I have been working like crazy editing videos, painting, and writing just because I am so excited to share everything!  🙂


Thanks for viewing! Stay tuned!

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